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Portatarga, Yamaha Wr125X '09- / Wr125R '09-

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Portatarga, Yamaha Wr125X '09- / Wr125R '09-
Yamaha WR 125 R 125cc 2009-2014
Yamaha WR125 X 125cc 2009-2012

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R&G Racing design and manufacture a growing range of innovative and functional bolt-on motorcycle accessories, the core of the business being crash protection. We have extensive and fast growing dealer networks in many countries. This is complemented by our updated on-line shopping web site.Utilising modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other materials, we set the standard in the crash protection business, offering protection from front to back of the motorcycle : products such as engine case covers & sliders, frame sliders (crash protectors), radiator guards, exhaust protectors, fork protectors, bike covers etc.  We also offer a vast range of fender eliminators (tail tidies) and exhaust hangers.  We regularly have new products to offer, the latest being plastic moulded tail tidies, frame plugs, offset "cotton reels" and engine case covers.


Bar End Sliders
R&G bar-end protectors are made from steel and high-density nylon which are a direct replacement of the original manufactured item. Our range of bar-end sliders is growing fast and they can be fitted in seconds. Should you drop or crash your bike, the end of your bar is likely to be scraped, even if you have been wise enough to have fitted our frame and fairing crash protectors. They are designed not to snap off on impact and produced to protect your bar end and upper fairing/screen in most crash situations.


Cotton Reels (Offset)Cotton Reels
Cotton reels are oversize paddock stand bobbins, which screw into the paddock stand holes in your swingarm. They offer the dual purpose of protecting your swingarm and enabling the bike to be lifted on a rear stand. Check out our paddock stand hooks, which are compatible with many paddock stands.



Crash Protectors - Aero Style - Race VersionCrash Protectors
We manufacture and market individual, bespoke designs for over 200 models of motorcycle. Our crash protectors even received an MCN rating of 97%. These are not "mushrooms"! Unlike most of our competitors, we use de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts which are designed to bend on impact rather than to shear or snap. In addition, we add compression sleeves inside the bobbins which are designed to allow the retaining bolts to be torqued up and not to work loose.


Dust Covers
To keep your bike as clean as the day it left the showroom or simply to keep it in pristine condition. Instead of gathering unnecessary dust and grim in your garage or shed, then why not use R&G's purpose made sports bike dust cover suitable for all sportsbikes?


Hexagonal Exhaust Protector (Can Cover)Exhaust Protectors
Should you drop or crash your bike, the base of your end can is likely to be scraped, even if you have been wise enough to have fitted our crash protectors. We have round can covers and oval can covers, retailing at a fraction of the cost of a replacement end can. The protector is designed to look good and protect your expensive end can in most crash situations.



Exhaust SlidersExhaust Sliders
Exhaust Sliders are offered here for the Z 1000, mounting on the exhaust hanger and protecting the expensive cans by means of our classic crash protector technology.


Fork ProtectorsFork Protectors
Coming from off-road technology, our range of fork protectors is growing fast and they can be fitted easily. They will not only save you money by helping to protect expensive fork legs and callipers in the event of a spill, but they will also give you that authentic factory look!




Heated Grips for ATV's (Thumb Throttle)Heated Grips
Heated grips add months to your motorcycling season and comfort to almost any ride.






Knee Sliders
R&G knee sliders are offered in a medium compound and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, by means of a unique shaping against the knee. They are interchangeable for maximum use. As used and tested by many racers and the California Superbike School.


Lockstop SaversLockstop Savers
Crash your bike or go into a mega tank slapper and you could break off the lockstops on the bottom of your bike's yoke. This can not only damage the bike's frame but it also indicates to a potential buyer that the bike has had a heavy fall. These Lockstop Savers touch the top of the bike's forks just before the lockstop would have hit the bike's frame, therefore limiting damage.


M8 Paddock Stand BobbinsPaddock Stand Bobbins
Available in silver, gold, blue, black and red (also green for M10 size), these handy little anodised aluminium items fit most modern sports bikes. They look "trick" and enable quick and easy use of professional paddock (racing) stands.


The Shocktube is a high-impact, waterproof, vented tube, made from top quality, bonded 100% CR Neoprene™ which is double lined with stretch nylon on both sides.Completely enclosing the motorcycle's rear shock absorber and spring, Shocktube prevents damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt. The Shocktube can be fitted to most motorcycles with either monoshock or twin shock systems quickly, without the need to remove the shock absorber!It continually protects the rear shock absorber and spring, while still maintaining the condition of the shock for a substantially extended period of time, throughout the life of the motorcycle.


Spindle SlidersSpindle Sliders
Rear spindle sliders not only protect your swingarm in the event of a slide, but they can also be used in order to lift your bike, using our paddock stand hooks and a compatible paddock stand.




Superbike Outdoor Covers
The R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover is waterproof and fits on all modern sportsbikes, most dirt bikes and supermotos. A quality product that will protect your bike from the elements when it is parked outside. The cover has an extra soft lining in the top section for added fuel tank protection and features holes at the foot of both wheels, so that security chains can be looped through easily. The cover also features clips underneath, in two positions, for added security and to stop the wind getting underneath and creating billowing. In a RiDE magazine test, the cover scored a maximum of 21/21. This gained the product a RiDE recommended green triangle of approval!


Top Strap Tie Down System
Our revolutionary handlebar top strap tie-down system enables you to strap your bike onto your trailer and compress the forks, without scraping top yoke or fairing panels. The top strap features soft padding which passes over the top yoke, as well as handlebar guides, enabling you to route the ratchet straps away from the bike.



Swingarm ProtectorsSwingarm Protectors
Swingarm protectors are fitted by means of a stainless steel bar passing through the rear spindle (except code SP0001). They can be fitted easily and are designed to help save your swingarm in the event of a crash.



Tail TidyTail Tidies (License Plate Holders)
As used at Performance Bikes, Fast Bikes, SuperBike Magazine and MCN to name but a few. The R&G Licence Plate Holder has been designed to replace the very large, original plastic licence plate holder and improve the lines of the modern machine. The licence plate holder comes with all necessary holes drilled and, where necessary, comes with a neat little built-in licence plate light.


 Toe Chain Guards - Aluminium - BlackToe / Chain Guards
Toe guards, otherwise known as "shark's fins", are a compulsory item for professional racers. Ours are World Superbike replicas, and are used by many top riders. They are a must for track day enthusiasts and anybody else who values his or her pinkies. They look good, can be fitted in five minutes and are available in ABS, aluminium and HDPE.

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Brand R&G
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Troppo costoso! (Inviato su 26/01/13)

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Portatarga, Yamaha Wr125X '09- / Wr125R '09-

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